To whom it may concern

As I walked along the shore one day
The morning sea a road of diamond glass,
There I found a bottle in the sand -
I picked it up, it twinkled in my hand…
I scratched away the barnacles that formed a salty crust,
Inside the yellow paper was as ancient as the dust,
The date I read in faded ink said 1894
A man who died on a shipwrecked isle
Wrote it many years before

To whom it may concern, there’s a word of wisdom here
I have searched and now I’ve found the clue:
When you’re down and when you’re out,
When there aren’t any friends about,
When the clouds have lost their silver lining too,
Look around you
Look around you
Look around and you’ll see what I have found:
I call it love…

Many years have passed me by since then,
I often think and wonder back to when
A man who knew the distant velvet sky
Would count the stars and ask the question why -
I see him walking miles along the blue and lonely sea
Writing all the thoughts he felt would one day set men free
Posting these in foaming waves along a rocky shore;
- a lonely man on a shipwrecked isle wrote it many years before -


I call it love
Mm… I call it love

Words and music: Coenie de Villiers
Publisher: ©Coenie de Villiers / SAMRO 1995