Thoughts of a Child

I like the feel of soft green grass beneath my feet
Oh, and I love puppy dogs
I have my pockets filled with treasures big and small:
Strings and tops and even frogs -
Yes, even frogs

I like the feel of mama’s arms around my neck
When I’m tucked in for the night
I like to watch the raindrops dribblin’ down the pane
And sunshine makes me feel alright, feel alright

I count the clouds right up to seven
- ’cause that’s as far as I can go;
I give them names and ask them questions
Of all the things I’d like to know

I like the smell of apples baking in a pie
And Christmas presents wrapped in red
I think it’s Jesus who sometimes makes me cry
I’d like to meet him when I die

That’s – if I die one day

Sometimes my mama comes and hugs me
Sometimes my mama even cries
“I don’t know” I hear her whisper -
“Show me the future through your eyes.”

Words and Music: Coenie de Villiers
Publisher: ©Coenie de Villiers / SAMRO 1995

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