Old man

Old man, walking in the park
Old man, sitting in the dark
Old man, crying in the rain
Old man, I can see the pain

Old man, what is it that you see
Old man, foretell our destiny
Old man, the children want to know
Which way they really ought to go

Should they travel unknown routes
Or should they tread in others’ boots
Why must virgin fields be left until the darkness
Will their efforts be in vain
When there is so much to gain
You know all the answers -
Can’t they hear them…

Old man, don’t fabricate a lie
Old man, we don’t want to die
Old man, is this really life:
All this struggle and the strife

Old man, you really know the truth
Old man, come give them all the proof
Are they wrong, or are they right
Can they really ever see the light


…old man

Words and Music: Coenie de Villiers
Publisher: ©Coenie de Villiers / SAMRO