Nothing’s coming out

When the voice of reason becomes an act of treason
Against who you are and what your word demands
When my mouth is quiet in the face of public riot
Against what your voice so lovingly commands

Forgive me for my weakness
I’d like to call it meekness
But I shudder at the anger of the crowd
My quiet lips are pouting
When I know I should be shouting
Rome is burning, I should say it loud
Please forgive me – nothing’s coming out

When my eyes are blinded by culture and the diet
Of whatever junk the world would feed my mind
When my heart is neutered my spirit is polluted
With “noble” things that I won’t leave behind


I hear your voice, I close my eyes
I give myself to easy lies
I tell myself that silence isn’t cruel
You had my heart you had my ear
Your word was once so very dear
So how did I become this silent fool?


Words and music: Louis Brittz
Publisher: Urial Publishing