1990 – Sunday Star – New beat for Laurika

Rina Minnervini het met my ‘n onderhoud gedoen tydens die speelvak van Pieter Toerien se Hoagy. Ek het ondermeer gesê: ‘… Afrikaans music has a life of its own, the house has many chambers. Just when I think I know what I am doing, something else comes along, and it’s very exciting… I think it will grow more if more writers, more true blood writers, get involved… Songs must be strong on both counts, lyric and music. Think of the qualities of Theodorakis’s music – you read the translation and to realise that the lyrics are not banal makes you (sic) very happy. The lyric is not to be messed with. If some of the established Afrikaans writers become more involved…’ LR

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