Song of the trains

They say that the fountains
In the mountains are free
But I’ve heard that the rivers
All run into the sea
There are times in the evening
When the waves want to rest
They keep coming back ’cause
The ocean knows best

Long before dawn broke
I heard trains coming back
I heard people chanting
I heard clickety clack
They sang of a city
Built on rock not on sand
I heard people singing songs
In a strange land

Clickety clickety clickety
Clickety clack, clickety clack
Been to the city
To the city and back,
I heard people singing
Back to back on the trains
Send our sad hearts laughter
And our dry roots rain

They walked out the station
They walked onto the beach
They shook off the sand
Shook the sand off their feet
And others came running
From the west to the east
Back from the ocean
And back to the beach

Some hunt for silver
And others for gold
Some search for love
At least so I’ve been told
Some beg for mercy
Some long for rain
I heard someone whisper
Look… here comes the train

Chorus x 2

Words and Music: Christopher Torr
Publisher: Chris Torr Music