News from Laurika

News from Laurika

Hello and welcome!

I hope you like my new website. This is the fourth version since I launched my first site in 2001. I hope you find it user-friendly, beautiful and interesting. A few wonderful people helped me to make this a reality. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Tania Fourie - of WebsiteVision ( who built this beautiful new website for me with such creativity and care - and Janine Terblanche, of Blue little owl house ( who expertly and gorgeously did the new graphic work. (We kept Nina Torr’s ( original graphics next to each title - it was just too beautiful to lose!). Paulo Azevedo of Coleske Artists helped us with technical things. You guys rock!

You are welcome to write to me at or message me on Facebook. If you want to book me for a show, you will find a handy form on the Kontak (Contact) page.

I released a new compilation album, Gunstelinge in October 2017. The new version of Kyk hoe glinster die maan, which was used in the movie Liewe kersfeesvader, is also on Gunstelinge.   Most of my albums are available digitally. In South Africa you can download them directly from Itunes, and stream from Joox. In the rest of the world (except North America) you can buy and stream through Apple Music/Itunes. Download the free Joox app and type in ‘LaurikaRauch’ to become a VIP member for one month’s free access to all my music on Joox. There is more information on the Winkel (Shop) page.

At the beginning of December  2017 I became aware of a compiled ballet video with my version of Lord of the Dance as the sound track, doing the rounds on Whatsapp and Youtube. Even though I did not know the source of the video, I decided to use it - grainy and low-res - as my Facebook Christmas message. The post surpassed 125,000 likes. I am happy that it gave joy. I appreciate every message that I received then and all the other kind messages I receive all year round.

In April 2018 Loki Rothman and I performed Blou at the KKNK in the Little Karoo. Maryke Roberts wrote a great   crit about the show in the festival newspaper Krit: I am hard at work performing across our country - and in September Loki Rothman and I will be travelling overseas to perform at the Festival voor het Afrikaans in Amsterdam. I also have some great news about some shows next year – but more about that later!

Take care. We’ll speak soon.


August/September 2018

Afrikaanse weergawe

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